ProBEC's Mission: "ProBEC promotes improved energy solutions through market development and policy support"

ProBEC's Vision for SADC: "Low-income household groups in SADC have improved access to sustainable and affordable energy"

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ProBEC's corporate vision: "Regional and national structures sustainably manage ProBEC's lead in basic energy solutions"

Progress with the SADC Regional Carbon Facility

ProBEC’s carbon programme is advancing rapidly. Negotiations with a new partner—Islan Asset Management, based in Zurich, Switzerland - have resulted in a Memorandum of Understanding, in which Islan has agreed to move forward with a regional Programme of Activities (PoA) and ProBEC is committed to provide assistance for until its exit at end of December 2010.

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ProBEC Mozambique

POCA push accelerates; Fixed mud stoves' demand grows in new provinces;
rural programme gets new targets

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ProBEC Swaziland

Regional correct-use cooking demonstrations, adverts and live phone-in educational talk shows boost customer interest in range of products.

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ProBEC Zimbabwe

The StoveTec Tsotso stove hogs the limelight at the Green Tourism Exposition

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