Clipore and TERI are hosting an event, on 1-2 of November 2010 titled "Thinking long-term on climate policy: A dialogue between research and policy".

The event will bring together key findings from international climate policy research and future climate policy scenarios, with an emphasis on dialogue between researchers and policy makers. The Program is attached for your reference.

Clipore is one of the largest international climate policy research initiatives funded by MISTRA. It has a strong focus on domestic and international climate policy instruments and provides support to international policy development. India is the only developing country to have a presence within the initiative’s research institutions through TERI. Together, TERI and its European and American Clipore partners have developed an impressive body of collaborative research relevant to both
developed and developing country parties.

The event offers a unique platform with which to bring together European and American researchers to interact with key Indian and developing country actors. The focus of the event will be in relation to the current research initiatives with sessions dealing specifically on adaptation and technological development along with insights from research on market-based instruments. Building upon these sessions the event will then have a focused policy session that will further discuss the issues of equity, bilateral cooperation and finance, so as to provide valuable outputs which, given the unique gathering that the event will entail, could meaningfully influence domestic and international climate change policy.

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