REEEP outreach during DIREC 2010

At the forthcoming DIREC (Delhi International Renewable Energy Conference) conference in Delhi, India, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in partnership with REEEP will be hosting a session on “Access to Energy from Renewables in Small Islands”.

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In addition, REEEP is hosting a series of events to share lessons and to progress the dialogue on increased deployment of renewables in developing countries. Please join the REEEP team and partners to the following sessions:
  • Tuesday 26 October, 1.00-3.00pm: REEEP Meeting of Partners
  • Wednesday 27 October, 12.30-2.00pm: “Low emission development support activities” (CLEAN official side event)
  • Wednesday 27 October, 2.00-6.30pm: “Solar water heating systems: global perspective” (MNRE parallel session)
  • Wednesday 27 October, 5.00-6.30pm: “Access to Energy from Renewables in Small Islands” (IRENA – REEEP official side event)
  • Wednesday 27 October, 5.00-6.30pm: “Widening access to low carbon energy: REEEP and ESMAP examples in overcoming barriers” (REEEP-ESMAP official side event)
  • Thursday 28 October, 9.30am-1.00pm: “Symposium on promoting rural entrepreneurship for enhancing access to clean lighting options” (TERI parallel session)
  • "Tradable Renewable Energy Certificates” (ABPS Infra official side event)

A new Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves to save lives

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton announced the Global Alliance for Clean Cook stoves, a new public-private partnership led by the United Nations Foundation aiming to replace open fires and dirty stoves by clean, efficient and affordable stoves and fuels all over the world.

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Clean Energy experts reward Barefoot Power

More than 140 investors, financiers and other clean energy experts have gathered in Johannesburg for the Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing (AFRICEF) to select the top businesses as winners of the CTI PFAN Clean Energy Financing Award 2010. Barefoot power’s micro-solar distribution project won the contest, along with the REEEP-funded PFAN coaching mini-hydro project in Uganda.

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Rich-poor divide still dogs climate pact talks

According to China, the developed and developing countries differences get into the way of the climate change talks. The main subjects of discord relate to the way the burden of cutting emissions is distributed, as well to the provision of funds and the transfer of key technologies.

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Call to keep on supporting the Millennium Development Goals

The main aim of the MDG Summit held in New York City on 25 September 2010 was to accelerate progress on halving extreme poverty, and drastically reducing hunger, disease, maternal and child deaths and other ills, addressed in the MDGs targets. Nonetheless, delegates also discussed ways to enhance international support for the Small Islands Developing States.

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Policy Developments

“Energy Poverty: How to make modern energy access universal?”

Noting that over 1.4 billion people currently lack access to electricity, and calling the current situation "shameful and unacceptable," the IEA-UNDP-UNIDO report discusses and justifies the need to improve energy access and reduce energy poverty on health, environmental and economic development grounds. It indicates that the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and specifically the goal to halve extreme poverty by 2015, cannot be achieved without new policies specifically designed to address energy poverty.

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UNEP releases Green Economy and Millennium Development Goals brief

The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has released "A Brief for Policymakers on the Green Economy and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)," which concludes that investment in clean energy, sustainable transport, forests and environmentally-friendly agriculture is essential to meet the MDGs.

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OECD publishes review of Republic of Korea’s Green Growth strategy

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has released a working paper “Korea's Green Growth Strategy: Mitigating Climate Change and Developing New Growth Engines,” which aims to create synergies between economic growth and environmental protection. On the goal of mitigating climate change, the paper recommends, inter alia: introducing market-based mechanisms as soon as possible; putting a price on carbon through the creation of a cap-and trade system; and phasing out environmentally harmful energy subsidies.

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Frequently asked questions on the Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation

The UNFCCC Secretariat has published clarifications to “frequently asked questions” (FAQs) about the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation (JI).

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Project Developments

Hydro Tasmania Consulting to implement Wind Diesel Grid System on Pitcairn Island

The UK Department For International Development (DFID) has engaged Hydro Tasmania Consulting to provide them with an assessment of how the existing power system could be modified from a 10-hour operation using diesel generation to a 24-hour operation using a wind, diesel, batteries and inverter power system.

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CBD completes Chatham Islands Wind Project, 20 year revenue starts

Australian diversified renewable energy company, CBD Energy, has completed its wind turbine project on Chatham Islands, 800 km east of Christchurch, New Zealand.

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ADB to finance two solar power plants in Thailand

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is lending up to US$140 million to The Bangchak Petroleum Company Public Company Limited (BCP) to build two solar power plants, for a total of 38MW in central Thailand. The plants will help the Thai Government achieve its target of getting 20.4% of its primary commercial energy from renewable sources by 2022.

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Towards a renewable energy project for Papua New Guinea and Queensland

The potential development of a renewable hydro electricity project is currently discussed by Papua New Guinea and Queensland. This project would create thousands of jobs and provide low carbon baseload electricity to Papua New Guinea, north and far north Queensland, and Australia’s National Electricity Market.

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New REEEP partners

5 new partners for REEEP Southeast Asia and Pacific

The regional secretariat formalised relationships with a number of government agencies, organizations and companies and is pleased to welcome the following new partners in the region: Hydro Tasmania (utility), Department of Premier and Cabinet, South Australia (state government department), RAMP Carbon (CDM project developer), Carbon Futures (CDM project developer), and ASEAN Centre for Energy (research and policy centre).

Energy for All

Energy access: a condition to eradicate poverty

About 1.4 billion people around the world lack electricity. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) more than $36 billion a year is still needed to ensure that the world’s population benefits from access to electricity and clean-burning cooking facilities by 2030.

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A new approach to power delivery to the poor

On current trends, 16% of the world’s population will still have no electricity by 2030, according to the International Energy Agency. Local, bottom-up systems thus may be more adequate in developing countries, since they have a wider sustainable dimension and produce fewer carbon emissions than the centralised schemes currently used.

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Carbon offsets for forestry and bioenergy: researching opportunities for poor rural communities

The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) published a report presenting the findings from a research study looking at the opportunities that carbon offset projects offer for poor rural communities.

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Country Spotlight - Palau

The National Bank of Palau rewarded for its Energy Efficiency Subsidy Program

Thanks to Italian and Austrian financial support, the National Development Bank of Palau offers a subsidy to new home owners who install energy efficiency measures.

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The National Bank of Palau’s new Loan Program

The National Development Bank of Palau (NDBP) is launching a special loan program this year which includes subsidies to install Energy Systems for households and businesses to "future proof" their energy costs.

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Singapore Energy Week discount

REEEP is supporting two events during the Singapore Energy Week: the Carbon Forum Asia and the Clean Energy Expo Asia. A 40 per cent discount is granted to friends of REEEP for the Carbon Forum Asia 3-day ticket; as well as a 25 per cent discount for the 2-day Clean Energy Expo Asia ticket.

Regional vacancies

IUCN vacancies: The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) currently has two vacancies for Senior Programme Officers on Energy:

Senior Programme Officer, Energy, at the regional office for Oceania in Fiji (closing date 15 October 2010)

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Senior Programme Officer, Energy, at IUCN headquarters in Switzerland (closing date 29 October 2010)

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UNDP vacancy:

The United Nations Development Programme is looking for a project manager in Honiara, Solomon Islands. Applications are to be submitted before 22 October 2010.

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The report released by SEFI (Sustainable Energy Finance Initiative), a UNEP joined initiative, provides an overview of capital flows and an analysis of the trends in sustainable energy investment activity

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