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Engaging Local Society in the Research Process

Luong Quang Huy describes a participatory research approach designed to empower local communities in adapting to socio-economic trends and climate change.

The project resulted in a framework that encouraged local communities to use reflexively what they already have, such as their knowledge and connections, and to apply critical thinking on a daily basis. the most significant aspect proved to be the capacity to establish networks to make the best of available resources, not only to reduce vulnerability to long-term change, but also to improve social coherence and living standards in the present-day.

The author is a member of the Department of Meteorology, Hydrology and Climate Change of the Vietnam Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the Standing Office of the Vietnam National Target Programme to Respond to Climate Change.

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Real Action on Adaptation

Sven Harmeling argues that a paradigm shift on adaptation is essential.

To implement adaptation in developing countries beyond just a short-term perspective, given that further future climate impacts can no longer be avoided, international policies need to provide a functioning, actionoriented framework to ensure further scaling-up, predictability and continuity. This requires a paradigm shift from how adaptation has been dealt with so far.

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  • Tianjin climate talks
  • Need for US adaptation strategy
  • Himalayan climate monitoring
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