The next quarterly workshop at ALL Power Labs is coming up soon. We hope you will join us for what is always a very enjoyable descent into (and back out of) the deep recesses of biomass thermal conversion.

The workshop offers education, research reports and hands-on experience to bring more people to successful operation of small scale gasification and pyrolysis units. The event is open everyone, not just GEK or BEK users/owners. So come and join us while we progressively make small-scale gasification and pyrolysis a reasonable proposition, adequately advanced for everyday use.

This fall we're running the workshop in an extended format so we can take on some long-anticipated projects requiring more than the usual weekend to finish. The main event will be four days this time (Friday through Monday) but with one of the projects continuing until the following weekend. (yes, we'll have a live webcam so you can watch the whole process, even if you're not here).

There are 4 tracks/projects during the workshop. Everyone can participate in all of them.
  1. GEK Power Pallet 7 day endurance test
  2. Syngas-to-Liquid experiments
  3. Lister spark conversion
  4. Biochar database samples generation with the BEK

Jay has started a journal in the forum to track progress on the Gas-to-Liquids test rig. See here

The Lister diesel spark conversion discussion is mostly in the yahoo woodgas forum, but with the highlights copied over to the gek forum here.

The Power Pallet and Biochar disccussions are less localized. However, one recent page of interest is the recent grate shaking tests Bear has started to compare and characterize the performance of various grate shaking modes and perf hole sizes. See here.

Workshop Details

Opening Intro/ Lecture:Friday, October 8, 7:30-9:30PM

Weekend Build, Run and Test: Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, October 9-11, 11am - 7pm


ALL Power Labs,
1010 Murray Street. Berkeley, CA


Contact: jim at


Free if you are a GEK or BEK owner, either through self build or purchase. Otherwise, $100 for weekend. Pay via paypal here.

For more information and RSVP instructions for the workshop, see: