More than 70% of Africa's population live in rural areas. Due to limited electricity infrastructure among developing countries, a huge population of the continent has no access to electricity grid. As direct result majority of rural communities in Africa particularly in Southern African Development Community (SADC) use bio-energy as their main source of energy. The situation has resulted in unsustainable environment that has triggered the effects of climate change through floods and droughts. This conference aims to address issues revolving around energy issues and challenges facing low-income households, small enterprises as well as institutions like public schools.

Conference subthemes

1. Efficient use of bio-energy and policy implementation strategies
2. Bio-energy usage and associated social economic impact
3. Technology for bio-energy and its impact on gender
4. Bio-energy for sustainable development

Attendance at this conference will enable to you to:
a) Learn of the latest information about the use of bio-energy among the marginalised group
b) Hear from the leading expects in the field of bio-energy
c) Present your research work
d) Networking with wide delegations of international researchers with common interest and concerns in the area under review.

Conference Chair: Dr. C. Ketlogetswe (University of Botswana)