TAREA, then TASEA was founded and registered in 2001, registration number S.A.10900. Its 10th Annual General Meeting that took place on 21st August 2010, members changed the name from TASEA to TAREA. The decision to change the name was to remedy the confusion caused by the terminology 'solar' in the name as it translated that TASEA promoted direct solar energy though it dealt with renewable energy as a whole.

The use of the name TAREA was made legal on 17th September 2010, the day the registrar of NGOs and the Ministry of Home Affairs granted the certificate bearing the new name.

TAREA continues with its main objective of promoting sustainable development of renewable energy technologies (solar, wind, biomass, mini-hydro, tidal wave, ocean current and gethermal).

Prof. Geoffrey R John

PO Box 32643
Dar es Salaam

Visiting address:
Ubungo NSSF Building
Suite No.3
3rd floor

Phone: +255 0 22 245 1674
Mobile: +255 0 75 43 17 158/78 49 93 755
Web: www.tarea-tz.org
Email: <a href="mailto:info@tarea-tz.org">info@tarea-tz.org</a>

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