Taken from climate-l digest: September 14, 2010

CARE Brasil is pleased to share with you the launch of the second phase of the Climate Change and Sustainable Development project, in the Brazilian semi-arid region, one of the most vulnerable areas to climate change in the country.

The first phase (January-May 2010) consisted in the publication of three special supplements on climate change and its impacts in the semi-arid region of the Brazilian northeast, distributed by the regional newspaper O Povo to some 35.000 readers in Ceará state.

You can read the supplements at the following links:

Supplement 1 - A Terra/The Earth:

Supplement 2 - O Homem/The Man:

Supplement 3 - A Luta/The Struggle:

At the same time, workshops for community leaders, public administrators and students in over twenty cities in the rural areas in the states of Ceará and Piauí were held in order to raise awareness, to identify potential impacts and to discuss adaptation measures.

The second phase of the project was launched in August 2010 and consists of a free course by distance education on "Climate Change and Sustainable Development". The course is offered in Portuguese and there are 30.000 vacancies available to the citizen at the Open University of the Northeast.

The course consists of 11 booklets that are being distributed for free weekly to the 35,000 readers of the newspaper O POVO. The booklets are produced through a partnership between the Demócrito Rocha Foundation (FDR) and CARE Brasil, and are also available online. FDR designed a specific website for the course http://www.fdr.com.br/mudancasclimaticas/ , where students have the opportunity to interact directly with tutors, ask questions and clarify issues related to issues of course. So far more than 10,000 citizens have signed up in the course. Besides the distribution of the booklets, 10 video-lessons and 10 radio-lessons are being produced.

The 80.000 Elementary School teachers of public schools and Municipal Departments of Education of Ceará will receive the booklets and will participate in a special edition of the course.

Three supplements on climate change and local development in semi-arid regions of Northeast Brazil are also being distributed to newspaper's readers and to the 8.000 public schools of Ceará state. (Link: http://digital.opovo.com.br/reader2/ go to "Publicações" - "Semiárido 1, 2 e 3")

This project is funded by the State Government of Ceará and the UK Department of International Development through a partnership with CARE UK and CARE Brasil.