A digital identifier (DOI code) has been assigned to each published paper in order to ensure unequivocal and permanent identification and citability of the online publication. This identification system is administered by the German National Library of Science and Technology.

A website has been created to enhance the availability and citability of the scientific papers presented at the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition and constitutes a comprehensive source of state-of-the-art information and a vital point of reference for researchers, engineers, decision-makers, entrepreneurs and all involved in the global Biomass sector. An extensive tool-set enables everybody to select the papers by topics, paper title or paper subject, authors, and keywords.

The scientific papers of the 18th EU BC&E can be downloaded at: http://www.etaflorence.it/proceedings

Further manuscripts will be published online after each future EU BC&E. The complete Conference Proceedings of each EU BC&E will continue to be available on DVD.

For more information please visit our website (www.conference-biomass.com).

Event Background

For 30 years now, the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (European BC&E) has combined a very renowned international Scientific Conference with an Industry Exhibition. Since 2007 the Conference and Exhibition takes place every year. The European BC&E is held at different venues throughout Europe and ranks on top of world's leading events in the biomass sector.

European Biomass Conference and Exhibition
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