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Since the approval of a voluntary market methodology for cookstoves in June 2008, the Gold Standard voluntary certification scheme has emerged as the preferred choice of many improved cookstove project developers. As of today there are six voluntary improved stove project activities registered and about 30 more in the pipeline. The methodology provides detailed guidance on how to determine baseline emissions, estimate post intervention emission savings, calculate the fraction of renewable fuel used, conduct ongoing monitoring, and establish emissions reductions using sound statistics.

A revised version of this methodology has been submitted to the Gold Standard and is currently under review. Applicants claim the aim is to add clarity and simplicity and to allow for a more streamlined project development cycle, minimizing the length of time from the start of the project to the first issuance of credits, while maintaining and increasing scientific rigor and certainty.

The Gold Standard Foundation would like to invite all interested stakeholders to comment on the submitted revised version. The aim of this open process is to account for as many views from the practitioners as possible so that the new version of the methodology addresses all concerns to the extent possible.

The Gold Standard Foundation would like to also inform interested stakeholders that for micro-scale project activities, an even further streamlined methodology is under development, and will be released at a later date. Comments on areas of simplification for the micro-scale methodology are also welcomed.

Please note that this document does not necessarily represent the views of the Gold Standard Foundation.

All comments and supporting documentation shall be sent by October 4th the latest via email to Dr. Meinrad Buerer: meinrad at cdmgoldstandard.org

The draft can also be accessed at:

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