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Through the use of solar technologies, the project is providing the beneficiaries with solar powered lighting systems in order to mitigate deforestation in the area.

The need for firewood for household uses is a significant contributor towards deforestation hence the solar systems are anticipated to reduce the people’s dependence on forest goods and services for energy as they start utilizing sustainable solar technologies. The project beneficiaries are also being educated on sustainable land and forestry management in order to develop the capacity of the communities in managing their environment to improve their livelihoods.Malawi is essentially a nation of rural smallholder farmers that depend on the Land (agriculture and its associated industries) for their livelihood. Factors such as a drive for economic development, energy demands (e.g. demand for firewood), land use change, rural-rural migration, population growth, food insecurity, environmental degradation, low levels of technology, climate change and a subsistence rural economy have led to pressures on land. Consequently this is leading to increased levels of deforestation and communities encroaching upon forest reserves in-order to increase crop production, improve food security and meet energy demands.

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