As efforts to eradicate poverty progress and new ideas introduced to bring about change across Africa, there are various NGOs and individuals dedicatedly involved in the processes. The ONE Africa Award provides an opportunity “to highlight the dynamism and achievements of African individuals and civil society organizations who are building a better future for their communities, countries and continent.” It “celebrates and bolsters innovative Africa-led efforts to help advance on or more of the Millennium Development Goals, the world’s blueprint to a better future.”

The award carries a cash payment of up to $100,000.

Individuals, organizations or other groups demonstrating commitment and success in assisting Africans in meeting one or more of the MDGs can apply for the award. “2010 qualified recipients will be engaged in advocacy to promote MDG attainment in health, clean water/sanitation, agriculture, education, gender, economic growth or employment generation for poorer communities. The organizations can be advocacy/pressure groups and think tanks engaged in governance related activities such as the monitoring of flows of resources and/or holding governments accountable to commitments to MDG attainment.”

2010 Award Criteria

  1. Innovation: Extent to which the individual/organization has designed and implemented an innovative advocacy program that employs new approaches to impact the MDGs.
  2. Results: Extent to which the individual/organization demonstrates and communicates their ability to impact and advance at least one of the Millennium Development Goals at a community, regional or national level.
  3. Scaleability: Ability of the individual’s or organization’s efforts to be scaled up and/or replicated by others.
  4. Accountability: The demonstration of strong accountability mechanisms used to receive community buy-in (i.e. community leadership consultations and assessments and transparency of operations).
  5. Partnerships: Extent to which the individual/organization has employed creative partnerships to achieve its goal and ensured coordination with other development actors. These partnerships may include public and/or private sector organizations.

The deadline to apply for the award is 24 September 2010.

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