In this issue:
  • International biogas workshop on national programme financing (International )
  • Ashden Award 2010 for domestic biogas programme in Vietnam (Ashden )
  • Over 35,000 new biogas plants constructed in the first half of 2010 (Over )
  • Tanzania first African country to exceed 100 plants per month (Tanzania )
  • China and India show keen interest in Energy for All Partnership (China )
  • Bangladesh celebrates installation of 12,000th biogas plant (Bangladesh )
  • Programme in Cambodia receives German financial support (Programme )
  • E4ALL Expert Group on Technical Innovation (E4ALL )
  • Feasibility study in the Philippines carried out by SNV and Winrock International (Feasibility )

International biogas workshop on national programme financing

10–12 November 2010, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The use of domestic biogas plants around the world is increasing, in terms of both plant numbers and geographic coverage. More than 40 million plants had been installed by the end of 2009, most of them in China and India, enabling around 200 million people to access benefits like clean household fuel and fertiliser. Equally important, more countries are embarking on market-based national domestic biogas programmes and starting to develop biogas sectors.

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Ashden Award 2010 for domestic biogas programme in Vietnam

Tackling the twin problems of dangerous cooking practices and untreated animal waste

SNV is one of six international winners of the prestigious Ashden Awards 2010 for its work in tackling the twin problems of dangerous cooking practices and untreated animal waste. In partnership with the Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, SNV launched a programme to convert the waste into energy via household biodigesters. The digesters provide clean, reliable energy for cooking and heating. They reduce the health and environmental hazards associated with wood fuels, not to mention the animal waste. Since 2003, over 80,000 have been installed, benefiting more than 400,000 people. CO2 savings amount to around 167,000 tonnes per year. The winners of the Ashden prize were announced in July at a ceremony in London hosted by Sir David Attenborough.

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Tanzaniafirst African country to exceed 100 plants per month

Over 110 units constructed in July 2010 under the Tanzania Domestic Biogas Programme (TDBP)

In July 2010, 113 new family biogas plants were installed in Tanzania, the first country on the continent surpassing the 100 plants per month construction rate. Programme activities are under way in the Arusha, Tanga, Kilimanjaro, Manyara, Dodoma and Coast regions. During the first four years of the initiative, the target is to install 6,750 biogas units, against an estimated technical potential of 165,000 in the country.

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China and India show keen interest in Energy for All Partnership

Encouraging missions by Working Group on Domestic Biogas

In April 2010, the Energy for All (E4ALL) Partnership Working Group on Domestic Biogas, led by SNV, completed missions to China and India, gathering significant interest from local organisations in the process. All organisations contacted during the visits showed a medium to mostly strong interest in connecting with the Working Group, especially for networking, learning, innovation and R&D. In addition, some organisations requested financial support towards better programme implementation. China and India have installed about 35 and 4.5 million units respectively. Dedicated professional organisations in both countries therefore represent valuable potential sources of knowledge on domestic biogas and implementing innovation biogas programmes.

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Bangladesh celebrates installation of 12,000th biogas plant

First biogas union in the country recognised

The National Domestic Biogas and Manure Programme (NDBMP) in Bangladesh has reached an impressive milestone. Since May 2006, the programme has provided 12,000 households with biogas plants, benefitting more than 70,000 people. During Biogas Week 2010, which ran from 28 May to 5 June, the first biogas union of Bangladesh was officially recognised. A biogas union earns the title after having installed 100 biogas plants.

The NDBMP is implemented by the Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL) with funding from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and German Development Bank (KfW) and with technical support from SNV. About 30 Partner Organisations (POs) in Bangladesh implement the programme through construction and after-sales service of biogas plants. Most of these POs also provide credit to about 80 per cent of all biogas households.

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