The Bulletin provides information on the activities of the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (PCIA) and its Partners around the world, and is intended to increase awareness and action on indoor air pollution, household energy and health. Regular features include spotlights on PCIA Partners, feature articles based on a thematic focus, and recent achievements and advances in household energy, indoor air pollution, and health.

The 24th issue focuses on the collective results of Partners' efforts in 2009, recorded through their annual results reports. So far 54 Partners working in 61 countries have submitted reports on their 2009 activities. This issue highlights their progress manufacturing, selling, and testing stoves, accessing carbon finance, scaling operations, and much more. 2009 results show how, as a global partnership, we are making significant progress in reducing exposure to indoor air pollution (IAP) from cooking and heating practices, and improving the health, livelihood, and quality of life for millions of people living in the developing world.

The next issue of the Bulletin, #25, will focus on the PCIA Forum to be held in Lima, Peru, February 21-26, 2011. See the Forum website at to learn more about the event. For detailed information on the topics highlighted in the Bulletin or to view previous issues, please visit

Featured articles:
  • StoveTec at Scale
  • SNV’s National Biogas Programmes
  • SCA Promoting Integrated Cooking
  • TWP Supporting Haiti Relief
  • Aprovecho: Stove Design & Testing
  • Berkeley Air: Science Based M&E
  • Partner Profile Update Campaign
  • Happenings
  • KPT Training Update
  • Conducting the WBT and CCT
  • EPA’s Second Round of Stove Testing
  • A New Global Alliance
  • Stove Camp 2010

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