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Overcoming social barriers to climate change adaptation

This Background Note explores the influence of social barriers to adaptation to climate change, using insights drawn from field work in rural subsistence communities in western Nepal, and findings from a related ODI project in rural India. It explores the role of social institutions in determining how individuals adapt to climate stress and shock, and examines how restrictive cultural environments can limit successful adaptation. It concludes by providing recommendations for adaptation policy interventions that seek to recognise, address and overcome social barriers to adaptation.

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Reforming climate change finance

Climate financing is the greatest development financing issue we face. It needs to be at scale. It needs to be well managed. It needs to be transparent. ODI monitoring shows it is none of these things at the moment.

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International Climate Finance: Principles for European Support to Developing Countries

The estimates of global needs for climate finance are considerable and it is expected that the requirement for funding will see a significant increase over the next decade. The paper identifies three sequential phases that relate to the mobilisation, administration and disbursements of funds, examining the principles, criteria and indicators that are relevant for each of these three phases.

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