Dear all

Please accept our deepest thanks for being valuable members of HEDON and for your interaction via our global network which has reached now more than 4000 members from all over the world.

We are looking to secure funding to enable HEDON to continue its work for you all as a independent charity. To do this we are looking to collect comments and experiences on how HEDON members have benefited from the services we offer. For example:

Has HEDON helped you to:
- Partner with other organization?
- Find a sponsor for your project?
- Reach a solution for a technological issue?
- Learn?
- Share your own experience?
- Be inspired?
- Succeed in a project?
- Develop professionally?

Whether you are a student, and involved organisation, a researcher, a professional, or an interested individual? We are eager to hear from you! Help us to show our value to enable our work to continue.

Help us to visually communicate what we do as a group by uploading household energy related pictures at our flickr website with your description or comments on them.

We attribute the continuing success of HEDON to your contribution and feedback which matters for us and for all members as well. Simply send us an email at ellie at

And most of all, thank you for making HEDON what it is: giving your time, energy and skills to make this network helpful and useful.