On 22 June 2010 the Partnership steering committee met on the sidelines of the Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF), which took place from 23-25 June 2010 in Manila. At this meeting the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS) was elected as co-chair of the steering committee for a one year term and the World LP Gas Association (WLPGA) was selected as a new member of the committee.

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E4ALL aims to provide access to clean and modern energy to 100 million people in the Asia-Pacific region by 2015. The Partnership provides a platform for cooperation, knowledge and technical exchange, innovation, and project development, bringing together key stakeholders from business, financial institutions, governments and non-governmental organisations.

In this newsletter you will find information relating to the various working groups operating within the Partnership, as well as other related news and updates. Be sure to also visit the Partnership website for more information and resources.

ACEF 2010: Meeting the Technology Transfer Challenge

Co-sponsored by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) is Asia’s premier event where policymakers, project developers, technical experts and representatives of the private sector come together to share knowledge and discuss up-to-date developments in clean energy in the region.

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ACEF session on "Scaling up business solutions to energy poverty"

The ACEF featured 5 sessions on energy access, including a session on scaling up business solutions to energy poverty chaired by E4ALL SC member Filippo Veglio, Deputy Director, Development Focus Area, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). The presentations by the following are available to view here
  • Edwin Khew - CEO of IUT Global, Chairman of the SEAS and Co-Chair of the Energy for All Partnership
  • Gwen Andrews - Vice President, Power and Environmental Policies, Asia and Oceania, Alstom
  • Prakash Chandran- President and CEO, Siemens Malaysia
  • Frederick E. LaCroix - Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, The PowerSource Group LLC
  • Sachin Joshi - Deputy Director, Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development, Confederation of Indian Industry
  • Michael Kelly - Director, Market Development, World LP Gas Association

Presentations from other sessions will be available online after 15 July 2010.

Updates from E4ALL Working Groups

Solar Lanterns

Lighting-up Asia Consultation Meeting

The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI), convenor of the Solar Lantern working group, hosted a consultation workshop on 24th June 2010 to solicit feedback on "Lighting-Up Asia," a concept to promote the development of a viable, sustainable market for off-grid lighting technologies in Asia, with a target to introduce affordable and reliable off-grid lighting for 100 million people in Asia and the Pacific region by 2020. The workshop was attended by 25 participants active in the solar lighting industry.

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Domestic Biogas

SNV and MARD Vietnam Win 2010 Ashden Award

Netherlands Development Organaization (SNV), convenor of the Domestic Biogas Working Group and the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) won the Ashden Award for their highly successful partnership which has enabled the distribution of biogas technology across Vietnam on a massive scale in a way that is both sustainable and has the potential for further expansion. By popularising the use of biogas among pig farmers, this programme has tackled head-on Vietnam’s waste problem and has brought tremendous benefits to farming families.

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Enterprise Development

EDWG Held First Working Group Meeting on 21 June.

The E4All Enterprise Development Working Group (EDWG) held its first meeting for working group members on 21 June at Asian Development Bank (ADB) Headquarters in Manila, Philippines. The meeting was attended by 9 organisations, including 8 member organisations and 1 non-member organisation. Each member presented on their organisation, areas of interest for E4ALL and potential projects for collaboration and will submit a minimum of two project opportunities in order to meet the interim objective of the E4ALL goals. These projects will be presented by the next meeting in November 2010 and promoted to E4All.

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Wind Power

Quantum Leap in Wind Workshop

ADB's Clean Energy Week kicked off with the structured consultation on a Quantum Leap in Wind on 21 June 2010. Nearly 200 participants joined the workshop at ADB HQ, which examined various aspects of wind power development in Asia, including regulatory issues, project development, financing, technology transfer, and small wind applications. The workshop represented the first consultation phase of an initiative to install 1 GW wind power capacity in Asia outside India and China within 5 years.

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Other Energy News

Women's group became Solar Entrepreneur

REEEP project funding helps a women’s self-help group (SHG), Shree Ganga Bhavani, in the Chittur district of India’s Andhra Pradesh is becoming a solar entrepreneur, providing solar-powered lighting points for street vendors. The project has been implemented working with SELCO India, a REEEP partner organisation with the mission of providing sustainable energy services to underserved communities through a combination of doorstep service and financing.

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Sun Connect on Rural Electrification with Photovoltaics

Sun Connect is an informational service magazine focusing on technology, operations, financing, and after-sales service in the field of rural electrification with solar energy. It is the first magazine dedicated exclusively to rural electrification with photovoltaic cells. The target audience includes solar firms, micro-credit organizations, NGOs, and state facilities in developing and emerging nations.

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New Publication: Measuring Energy Access

"Measuring Energy Access: Supporting a Global Target" published by the Earth Institute at Columbia University, outlines a set of options and calls for establishing systematic measurement and reporting with regard to energy poverty.

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