A message from Christoph Winterbacher, International Project Management, ENERGY GLOBE

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

Do you have a great project and want to present it to a broad (inter)national audience? Then participate in the ENERGY GLOBE Award 2010 and exploit this chance to showcase your ideas.

The Energy Globe Award is today’s most important environmental award worldwide. The Award distinguishes projects that sustainably use our resources such as water, earth, energy and air or use renewable energy forms. This makes a significant contribution to climate and environment. Only if such harbinger projects are followed by many other projects can climate change be slowed.

The Energy Globe is awarded nationally and internationally in the categories earth, fire, water, air and youth. You will find details about possible projects on the back of the application form.

The first prize in each category of the international Energy Globe Award wins €10,000. Awards are made in a televised gala that is viewed worldwide.

Let us join forces to solve our environmental problems!

Your submission helps to introduce successful projects worldwide that can also be implemented in other locations – and the sum of many small contributions amounts to a huge contribution!

Submitted projects are documented in the Energy Globe Database at: www.energyglobe.info

We invite you to participate. Every project, large or small, is welcome. We look forward to your project.

Please send your project documents by 16 July 2010 to:
Energy Globe,
Mühlbach 7,
4801 Traunkirchen,
or online to: contact at energyglobe.info.

Additional information and the application form for download are available at: www.energyglobe.info.

Kind regards,

Christoph Winterbacher
International Project Management

Mühlbach 7
A-4801 Traunkirchen

Telefon: +43 (0) 76 17 / 2090 31
Telefax: +43 (0) 76 17 / 2090 90
e-Mail: christoph.winterbacher at geg-agency.com