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The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) seeks to award a five-year $100 million Cooperative Agreement, Supportive Environments for Healthy Households and Communities. This activity will support the further development, introduction, and delivery of high-impact interventions in the areas of water supply, sanitation and hygiene, and approximately 20 percent of the proposed work will focus on indoor air quality. Indoor air pollution poses a substantial threat to the health of the world’s poor. Over half of the world’s population still cooks with solid-fuel – including wood, dung, coal or agricultural residues – on poorly functioning traditional stoves or open fires, and this is often carried out in conditions of limited ventilation. As a result, an estimated 1 billion people, mostly women and children, are exposed to indoor air pollution levels that are 20 to 100 times greater than WHO air quality guidelines. Indoor smoke from solid fuels is associated with about 21% of the lower respiratory infection deaths worldwide. Of these deaths, nearly two-thirds occur in South-East Asia and Africa. In addition to the health-damaging effects of indoor air pollution emitted from 5 poorly functioning cook stoves and open fires, there are also negative economic and natural resource implications of households using inefficient fuels and appliances. Poor households often cannot afford cleaner, more efficient fuels and appliances, and conversely, reliance on polluting, inefficient fuels limits opportunities for economic development, continuing a vicious cycle of poverty.

The activity, will support USAID programs in achieving public health impact by improvements in key behaviors and environmental conditions.

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