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This Month’s Online Courses

Learn how to design and fund sustainable development projects. We are offering our most popular course ‘From the Ground Up' again in July; participants from 65 different countries have enrolled in this course since January. See what students are sayinghere

Five additional courses are starting in June, July and August


OL 102. Project Architecture

Managing for Impact Imbed impact into your project with a powerful set of management tools: Logframes, detailed budgets, compelling proposals, M&E plans.


OL 141. Getting the Job Done : Your Organization’s Vision, Expertise & Performance

Create a Strategic Action Plan that shows where you are now, where you want to go and what actions to take for getting there.

OL 142. From Local Actor to International Professional Aligning Your Organization to the World of Impact

The importance of impact, what works in development, using global resources for impact-oriented programming models.


303. Food Security, Nutrition and Home Gardens 1: Introducing sustainable, nutritious food gardens to communities

What is Food Security; good nutrition? What works in developing family garden projects that support them?

304. Food Security, Nutrition and Home Gardens 2:
Weeds, bugs, compost, nutrition, recipes, kitchen hygiene and healthy kids.

Caring for food gardens. Combing produce with daily staples for nutritious, vitamin, protein & micronutrient filled meals.

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June Newsletter Topic

Why I Started an Online Development Community

I have been living and working in Guatemala for the past seven years, which has given me the opportunity to see humanitarian development up close, and to work with over 100 different nonprofits and donors. My work has created intense curiosity on my part in better understanding “What works in development?” This led to the formation of the Center for Sustainable Development.

Through teaching online courses at the Center, I've had the honor of working with students from over 60 different countries. What immediately struck me while working with this many different cultures from such diverse locations, is that most of the students were working on projects that had very similar themes. Sometimes their projects were so similar that I have introduced students from different parts of the world so they could pool information and collaborate on designing their projects together.

I have learned an incredible amount from these course participants; they've had excellent ideas for their projects and they've had access to information that I had not seen before.

These students are of all different ages, genders and professions – donors, executive directors, field staff, business owners with a conscience, students, scientists, consultants and people who would like to transition into development work.

So I wrote to them and asked them if I were to set up a professional development community online what would they like to see it do. Find out what they said here

Tim Magee

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