Deadline: 21 June 2010 (17:00 GMT)

From 2010 onwards, SEPS will be focusing on energy-related basic needs in its annual calls for applications. The focus of the new call for applications in 2010 is on projects that aim to secure access to clean & reliable electricity (in developing countries or emerging economies).

SEPS is looking for activities that harness local human and natural resources in order to respond to local energy needs. The solutions can include renewable energy technologies and/or more efficient use of existing electrification systems

Application Procedure

SEPS aims to support innovative energy projects that are environmentally, economically and socially sound. SEPS defines the term "project" in a broad sense. It does not focus solely on technical solutions, but also addresses a broad spectrum of ideas that may help to foster renewable energy or the efficient use of energy and, therefore, contribute to sustainable development.

The projects must be innovative and demonstrate an integrated and sound approach to their implementation. Only projects that are ready to be implemented are eligible for SEPS support. Applicants are therefore required to submit the following:
  • a completed SEPS application form
  • a project budget in euros (EUR) (if financial support is being sought)
  • a preliminary time schedule
  • a calculation demonstrating the potential reduction in fossil primary energy and CO2 emissions (if possible)

Applicants may submit detailed documentation including a comprehensive description of the key aspects and arguments in favour of the project. The number of extra pages including budget plan, time schedule and CO2 calculation must not exceed 10 pages.

In order to be able to assess the project proposals submitted and compare them in a structured way, SEPS has drawn up a set of criteria. They are set out in the application form and for each criteria the applicants have to give details.

SEPS Application form

The total grant fund for the 6th round (2010) is EUR 350,000 to be divided among all projects. A maximum of 8 - 10 projects will be selected for support in a three-stage validation procedure.

Partial funding of projects is possible. In this case, we ask the applicants for information about other sources of funding and the need for further funding.

Please note that SEPS financial support cannot be used for:
  • product development
  • product launches and product marketing
  • research studies
  • large-scale hydro power
  • nuclear power

To submit your application, please send via e-mail to info at, or as a printed document to:

Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy
Doeppersberg 19
42103 Wuppertal
Fax: + 49 202 2492 – 198