Cedesol exists to include others in its vision. Since 2003 Cedesol has been working in cooperation with other organizations to design and build the most efficient stoves; with financial institutions and like-minded organizations to provide micro enterprises for the stoves to be acquired in the most affordable ways; and with trained instructors to offer participative workshops in which the people learn the technology and why it is needed, as well as learning how to build the cookers and maintain them.

Musings on the Cochabamba climate summit

Greetings from the director David Whitfield

As Executive Director of CEDESOL Foundation, I was particularly pleased that we could represent so many others who have done extensive work around the world to combat poverty and fight environmental degradation. We saw this opportunity as a responsibility to help educate delegates as to practical and proven mitigation tools for both these vital themes.

While preparing for the summit, we became more aware of the urgency to spread the word, actually “sound the alarm” may be a more appropriate term. We learned that it is imperative to do all we can to prevent more than 350 pmm of CO2 entering the atmosphere, but we also established the importance of ecological cookers to combat the emission of “black soot” or black carbon, which can have an immediate effect...

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CEDESOL promoted ecological stoves in the Cochabamba climate conference

The World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth was a great opportunity for CEDESOL to promote alternative technologies and to raise awareness about black carbon. Our message was: Practical solutions to combat climate change already exist, so let´s use them!

CEDESOL actively took part in the conference that was held April 19-22 and represented several partner organizations such as Solar Cookers International, Solar Cookers Worldwide Network, Kyoto Twist Society, Bioenergy Stove Group and Solar Household Energy. We gave out thousands of information packages and had personal contact to delegates from all over the world.

At CEDESOL´s stand the conference participants had the possibility to learn how solar cookers work and to try out different dishes cooked in them. When talking to people we were pleased to notice that many of them had already heard about solar cookers and the work that Solar Cookers International is doing in Africa

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