''Contributed by Javier Aristizabal
Researcher of Fundacion Natura of Colombia''

During 2008, Fundación Natura's technical staff (Colombia) carried out some changes in traditional cookstoves used by the inhabitants of a rural area in Encino (small town belonging to deparment of Santander, Colombia) with the purpose of improving thermal efficiency of them and decreasing fuelwood consumption coming from Andean oak forests located in eastern cordillera of country.

Scores showed by three prototypes pointed out such changes could improve thermal efficiency around 14% compared to traditional cookstoves, which would mean savings of 0,86 tonnes of fuelwood by a family annually.

In order to validate the above figure, Fundación Natura undertakes second stage of testing for the improved cookstove (called “FN” cookstove) within “Forest management consolidation and adaptation to climate change in Andean oak forest conservation corridor” project. For this purpose, thirty-one improved cookstoves will be constructed, which will benefit to equal number of families settled in southern rural area of Encino and Charalá towns (department of Santander).

For determining fuel efficiency of this prototype, fuelwood consumption pre and post-cookstove installation will be tested by using Kitchen Performance Test (KPT).

It's expected that cookstove's performance increases since a bigger sampling will be assessed which would decrease the deforestation rate related to household consumption for fuel purposes and it would improve the homes’ quality of life exposed to indoor pollution because of inefficient cookstoves.


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