"Our mission is to address climate change by training and developing a global community of experts with the highest standards of professional practice in measuring, accounting, auditing and managing greenhouse gas emissions; meeting the needs of governments, corporations and organizations large and small."

GHGMI Webinar on GHG Standards, Protocols, Methodologies

12 Noon, Tuesday, June 29, 2010 EDT

Tom Baumann, co-founder of the Institute and CEO of ClimateCHECK will be presenting the latest installment of the GHGMI webinar series. His presentation is focused on GHG standards, protocols and methodologies that provide essential guidance and requirements for quantifying, monitoring, reporting, auditing, and certifying GHG emissions and performance claims, among other related issues. Although the importance of GHG standards is widely acknowledged to enable better decision-making and more efficient markets and more measurable and effective environmental progress, there are many challenges to basic understanding and advancement of these 'tools of
the trade'.

This webinar will present:
  • An overview of the standards and the program/organization for developing standards
  • An examination of the challenges and needs for standards development and standards use
  • Approaches to enable faster, better, cheaper standards development.

Mr. Baumann has been a leading expert in the field of GHG for the past 10 years. Tom has led progressively senior positions in the private sector, public sector and not-for-profit sector. He has 10 years of experience working with climate change and clean energy companies to support technical and management solutions that achieve the “double dividend” of environmental and economic benefits.

The webinar series is provided free for Premium Members and $99 for non-members. By signing up for a Premium Membership you will also gain access to the archive of all past webinars:

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GHGMI Opens 2010 GHG and Climate Change Workforce Needs Assessment Survey

The Institute, in conjunction with Sequence Staffing, has launched its second annual Greenhouse Gas and Climate Change Workforce Needs Assessment Survey. Building on last year’s first-of-its-kind initiative (full 2009 report available online here)

The 2010 survey has been designed to further map trends and impressions within the GHG practitioner community. The survey addresses topics including: industry growth, policy requirements, personnel needs, and future professional demands. A joint GHGMI-Sequence summary report on the survey results is due later this year.

For more information and to participate in this year’s needs assessment please visit the survey website: www.greenhousegassurvey.com

Join the July Class of Basics of Organizational GHG Accounting (BOGA)

If you are considering gaining expertise in how to perform a GHG inventory for your organization, or in getting a great start toward gaining a certificate in Greenhouse Gas Management with the Institute, consider enrolling in the July BOGA class. This course was recently revised to reflect the Institute’s partnership with The Climate Registry. You may sign up for The Climate Registry exam, allowing you to earn a Certificate of Proficiency from The Climate Registry as well as one from the Institute. If you have been considering signing up for the BOGA course, this is a great time to do it because this is the last month we plan to offer the The Climate Registry exam for free when you sign up for the BOGA exam (the BOGA/TCR exam option on checkout).

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Inside the Institute Blog: “What are Greenhouse Gases?”

By Michael Gillenwater

David Sigler, Managing Director of the Institute, will be providing a weekly information session during the month of June so you can learn more about the Institute. This session is intended to provide you answers to your questions such as ‘which course or certificate program is right for me’, ‘what is it like to take an e-learning course’ with the Institute, and ‘what has the Institute been up to lately’? David will answer these questions and more. Join us for a session, which will be held each Thursday at noon EDT. This session has limited enrollment and will be running for the month of June only.

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