At this age of 65 years, I have started a new venture AADHUNIK GLOBAL ENERGY to manufacture tiny wind turbines, water pumping wind mills, small steam engines, tiny steam power plants, biogas plants, solar energy etc. Idea is to make people self reliant for electricity in homes and farms as far as possible. I studied aerodynamics to understand wind technology in last 5 years. I built new factory with 16000 sq ft construction for renewable energy activity. I have already manufactured and finalized various capacity wind turbines as samples from 500W to 2KW. My plan is to manufacture about 300 units of 1KW wind turbines annually.
My objective is not only profit. So my rate will be minimum in the world. So market is not the problem. Only production is the problem.

With the wind turbine, efficient controller must be provided. 1 kw wind turbine produces 3 phase AC power which continuously varies with wind speed. Maximum rpm will be about 400. We measured open voltage 80V at 250rpm, 118V at 360rpm,158V at450rpm, 194V at 576rpm, 207V at725rpm. So voltage may vary from 50V to 150V probably in delta connection. We manufacture permanent magnet generators. Wind rotor dia is 3 mt and wind rotor is directly mounted on generator shaft. I want controller which can give power of fixed voltage at 50 hertz. As far as possible I want to avoid battery. As wind speed increases or decreases, some load must be connected or disconnected automatically. Display must be digital showing V,A, KW, Frequency and rotor rpm.

I am looking for a good supplier of design of electronic controller which we can get it done locally at cheap rate?

If you can help me, I have also interest in the following:-

(1) Electronic load controller for rural electrification tiny projects based on my steam engines.

(2) Conversion of foot operated 3 wheeler rikshaws in to electric battery operated simply to reduce and remove drudgery of poor rikshaw pullers.

(3) Manufacture of controller of electric cars. Annually 50000 petrol cars can be converted to electric if cheap controller is made available.

(4) Electronic governor for my steam engines. I have developed 2hp to 20 hp steam engines.

Ultimately requirements will be in thousands.

Please let me know if somebody can supply or design for me.

Veljibhai Desai


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