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In this newsletter you will find information relating to the various working groups operating within the Partnership, as well as other related news and updates. Be sure to also visit the Partnership website at for more information and resources.

E4ALL Chief Technical Officer, Xia Zuzhang, represented E4ALL and presented on "Innovative Financing Mechanisms and Partnership" at the Asia-Pacific Business Forum 2010 on 29 April in Kunming, China. The Forum's theme "Business Opportunities and Low-Carbon Economy" provided a platform for a range of stakeholders to discuss how to engage business in the quest for low-carbon economic development. Some 280 participants from governments, businesses, civil society and international organizations in 26 countries attended the event organized by UNESCAP. Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and UNESCAP Executive Secretary Noeleen Heyzer made a keynote speech and the governor of China's Yunnan Provincial Government addressed to the forum.

The Energy for All Partnership will be participating in the Asia Clean Energy Forum from 23-25 June at ADB headquarters in Manila. The Asia Clean Energy Forum is Asia's premiere knowledge-sharing platform on best practices in clean energy policy, finance, and technology. Increasing access to energy for the poor will be one of the key topics of the Forum this year, under the overall theme of Meeting the Technology Transfer Challenge. Several Energy for All Partnership working groups will be convening meetings on the sidelines of the Forum. For more information, contact the secretariat. Participation is free and registration is open online.


Pilot Project with PT AZET Surya Lestari on Centralized Solar Charging Facility in Indonesia

The Solar Lanterns Working Group succeeded in identifying scalable off-grid lighting projects and potential local partners after carrying out scoping studies in Cambodia and Indonesia. With due support from the E4All secretariat, ADB and an identified local partner, Solar PV company "PT AZET Surya Lestari", a pilot project in Indonesia is under implementation. Under the project, a centralized solar charging facility would be installed at three locations in Indonesia, which would be utilized for disseminating lighting and other energy services to the rural people. PT AZET Surya Lestari has also agreed to contribute entire hardware for the project. A feasibility study is currently going on for the identification of suitable sites for the project.

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Mission on Identification of Knowledge Institutes and Implementing Partner Organisations on Domestic Biogas in China

The Domestic Biogas working group conducted a mission from 11 to 18 April 2010 to identify and assess potential organisations in China to be engaged as Knowledge Institutes or Implementing Partner Organisations in the Domestic Biogas working group under the Energy for All Partnership. The mission team, made up of Xia Zuzhang, Chief Technical Officer of the Energy for All Partnership Secretariat and Wim J. van Nes, Renewable Energy Network Leader of SNV/Asia, met up with key respondents and informants for interviews and discussions and paid brief field visits to areas where biogas plants have been installed by potential Implementing Partner Organisations.

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ADB Buys Stake in LPG Firm to Boost Access to Safe, Reliable Energy in Afghanistan

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is investing up to $8 million for a 25% stake in Sungas LLC, a recently established liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) distributor in Afghanistan, to help it expand a nationwide storage and distribution network. Sungas aims to invest $58.2 million to build LPG distribution centers initially in the major Afghan cities of Kabul and Herat, followed by another three in Mazar-e-Sharif, Khandahar, and Pul-e-Qumri. It will also purchase additional LPG cylinders for distribution to consumers. (Photo credit: ADB)

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Meeting of Wind Power Working Group on 12 March in Beijing

The working group on wind power met in Beijing, China on 12th March 2010 in conjunction with the inception workshop for the ADB regional technical assistance on the Effective Deployment of Small Wind Systems in Asian Rural Areas. The workshop brought together more than 40 participants from 10 countries, and included sessions on sharing international experiences, financing wind power development, proposals for small wind development and pilot project implementation, and addressing technological barriers and implementation challenges. Field visits were conducted to the Zhangbei wind farm in Hebei Province and to the manufacturing plant of Shanghai GHREPOWER, a small wind turbine manufacturer.

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