Issues cover leading community workshops, participatory needs assessments, project design & management, funding, logframes, impact evaluation, reporting, and organizational strengthening.

This month's online courses

We are offering our course ‘From the Ground Up' again in May; participants from 62 countries are have enrolled in our courses since January. See what students are saying here. There are still a few remaining places in May’s course 'From the Ground Up'.

New online learning Summer/Fall Catalogue

Our catalogue includes courses in Sustainability, Funding, Climate Change, Organizational Development, and Food Security.

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Four courses are starting in June, July and August

Module 140: Creating a world class organization

OL 141. Getting the Job Done: Your Organization’s Vision, Expertise & Performance: Create a Strategic Action Plan that shows where you are now, where you want to go and what actions to take for getting there.

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OL 1 42. From Local Actor to International Professional:Aligning Your Organization to the World of Impact: The importance of impact, what works in development, using global resources for impact-oriented programming models.

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Module 300: Healthy bodies, healthy minds

303. Food Security, Nutrition and Home Gardens 1: Introducing sustainable, nutritious food gardens to communities: What is Food Security; good nutrition? What works in developing family garden projects that support them?

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304. Food Security, Nutrition and Home Gardens 2: Weeds, bugs, compost, nutrition, recipes, kitchen hygiene and healthy kids: Caring for food gardens. Combing produce with daily staples for nutritious, vitamin, protein & micronutrient filled meals.

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May 2010 Newsletter topic: Vision, Expertise, Performance & Impact

"My friend Carl and I were having a cup of coffee. Carl runs one of the more effective NGOs in Guatemala. He was frustrated because the board wanted him to move in one direction, the founder had an agenda, and his staff was disgruntled. Carl felt he was being pulled in too many directions. On top of that, he that didn’t feel that they were practicing squeaky-clean, good development."

"The founder was very top-down, at a time when Carl saw that the bottom-up tended to create more sustainable projects. The board members each had their own pet projects that they liked to promote – but none of them had a background in development. Many of his staff members didn’t really feel part of the team."

"Sound familiar? This storyline seems to be the mantra of many executive directors that I work with. And, on top of it all, they are all running like crazy to keep up and don’t have the time to address these issues. What they need are solutions that don’t take much time to implement, can be done inexpensively, and will work the first time. They need silver bullets." -Tim Magee

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