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ProBEC's Mission: "ProBEC promotes improved energy solutions through market development and policy support"

ProBEC's Vision for SADC: "Low-income household groups in SADC have improved access to sustainable and affordable energy"

ProBEC's corporate vision: "Regional and national structures sustainably manage ProBEC’s lead in basic energy solutions"

ProBEC Carbon

Evaluation of proposals from shortlisted candidates for SRCF commences

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ProBEC participates in the 31st Meeting of SADC Energy Officials and Ministers

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ProBEC Zimbabwe

International Trade Fair sees StoveTec shine

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ProBEC Botswana

Solar Home System foundations laid and ready for road show

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ProBEC Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Pilot projects planned, ProBEC transfers expertise to other GTZ projects

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ProBEC Swaziland

A business comes to life with the Rocket Bakery Oven; StoveTec pilot begins; Government pushes for higher stove visibility

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ProBEC Malawi

Orders roll in for institutional cook stoves; StoveTec looks for entrepreneurs; DoE will conduct joint activities on HIV/AIDS

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ProBEC Zambia

Tobacco rocket barns take off; Household stove producers escalate

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ProBEC Mozambique

POCA retailing activities commence; Mozambique's Exit Strategy takes shape, High Level Dignitaries visit ProBEC Mozambique

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ProBEC Tanzania

Institutional stoves boosted

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ProBEC Staff

Ms Feziwe Matsebula-Hlatshwayo is the proud mom of a baby boy

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