"Stoking up a cookstove revolution: an Ashden Awards Research Report" by Anne Wheldon

If you're in London or passing by, join us for a stimulating discussion over drinks.

Anne Wheldon Technical Director at Ashden Awards will present on the Ashden Awards Research Report: "Stoking up a cookstove revolution: the secret weapon against poverty and climate change.”

The Ashden Awards bring to light inspiring sustainable energy solutions in the UK and developing world and help ensure that they are spread more widely.

The report gives many examples of stoves programmes across the developing world that provide affordable, robust ‘improved’ stoves that burn less fuel, cook faster and approximately halve harmful smoke emissions. Many use a chimney to remove smoke and gases from the kitchen, improving combustion.

“We think the time has come for greater finance and political will to roll out stoves. Just as donors have grasped the value of rolling out bed-nets against malaria, we want to see improved stoves make a real impact on the poor. Better stoves improve health, save lives, help mitigate the effects of climate change while also saving money,”Sarah Butler-Sloss, Founder Director, Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy.

Time: 18.30-20.30

Location: The Carpenters Arms Pub

For more information and to RSVP please visit: http://www.hedon.info/LondonRIG:30Sep2010