The Guide targets non-gender specialists in recognizing and addressing gender issues in their work, with the intention of demystifying gender, and clarifying the concept and practice of "gender mainstreaming" within ABPP. Accompanied by a Resource Kit, this Guide uses experiences from Asia, as well as Africa. The guide is not only limited to the ABPP and can be used by other biogas interventions as well.

The Africa Biogas Partnership Programme is a six country initiative for supporting the construction of some 70,500 biodigesters over a period of 5 years. The programme is funded by DGIS (Netherlands Directorate-General of Development Cooperation), managed by Hivos and Technical Assistance is provided by SNV. In each country, implementation by multi stakeholders is coordinated by a National Implementing Agency. ENERGIA, the International Network on Gender and Sustainable Energy, is assisting ABPP to systematically mainstream gender concerns into its national programmes.

The Guide and Resource Kit are available for download from the ENERGIA website: