Dear colleagues,

The Charcoal Project is launching on its homepage an index of the price of charcoal around the world.

This information could be used to help establish a number of values, including the pricing of briquettes, the relative cost of biomass, and much more.
Please help us make the index the best it can be by sharing the following information:

(We'll do currency and unit conversions on this end.)

Cost (local currency):
Unit measure (local):

Optional information if available:
Alternative fuel type:
Cost (local):
Unit measure (local):
Source (of information):
Source of charcoal: (plant, tree, tree type, location)
Source of briquettes: (saw dust, coconut husk, etc.)

We're working on the right software that will best help us manage the data,
which will be available to the public, naturally.

Info can be sent to me directly or to

I would like to invite you to forward this request for data contribution to
any additional networks you may belong to.

Again, thanks for the collaboration!

Warm regards,


Jean Kim Chaix
The Charcoal Project
378 Clinton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(917) 378-8670
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