The Oxford University Student Group FEST (Females in Engineering, Science and Technology), the UK Energy Research Centre’s Meeting Place at the Environmental Change Institute, Oxford and the UK Resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology are holding a Women’s Leadership Symposium from 16-18 June 2010 at the Said Business School, Oxford University. There will be 30 places available for UK and international post-graduate students.

The Symposium will convene leading experts and post-graduate students in sustainable energy research, climate change and social entrepreneurship to showcase and amplify leadership and the research base of women in - and gender perspectives of – energy, climate change and entrepreneurship. We welcome applications from those engaged in science, engineering and technology research including technical, physical, economic, environmental, social and business aspects of climate change and energy.

You are invited to nominate students to attend. There is no charge for registered research students to attend the school; we will provide all meals and materials for activities. Students are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs. The school is conducted in English, and as it is highly interactive a good standard of comprehension and spoken English is essential.


  1. Showcase and celebrate achievements by women in research and practice regarding energy and climate change, in our transition to a low carbon, more equitable world; and
  2. Amplify understanding, recognition and opportunities for women’s research and practice.


  1. To inspire the next generation of women scientists and entrepreneurs;
  2. To develop an interdisciplinary gender research roadmap for climate change and energy and entrepreneurship for a low carbon world;
  3. To make recommendations and develop action plans for equitable decision- making regarding energy, climate change and business.

Successful applicants will be notified by e-mail by 7 May 2010 and both nominator and nominee will at that time be asked to formally accept the place.


Nominations are now open - please see the attached form.

The deadline for nominations is 17:00 London time on Friday 30th April 2010.


If you have further questions, please email: jennifer.otoadese at

Further information will be available on the UKERC web site from 12 April: