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''ProBEC's Mission: "ProBEC promotes improved energy solutions through market development and policy support"

ProBEC's Vision for SADC: "Low-income household groups in SADC have improved access to sustainable and affordable energy"

ProBEC's corporate vision: "Regional and national structures sustainably manage ProBEC’s lead in basic energy solutions"''

ProBEC Carbon

Four consortia shortlisted for SADC Regional Carbon Facility

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ProBEC in 2010

ProBEC's exit strategy focuses on leaving sustainable structures and local champions

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ProBEC Biofuels

ProBEC research assesses the potential of bioenergy production in small-holder farming systems

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ProBEC Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean Aprovecho/StoveTec entrepreneurs identified and renewable energy and energy efficiency study proposal approved

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ProBEC Botswana

Botswana energy franchise system takes shape and prepares for carbon facility

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ProBEC Mozambique

Heifer International and World Vision are new partners in expanded rural programme

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ProBEC Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Marlet study on potential for cooking stoves in Kinshasa finalised

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ProBEC Swaziland

Demonstration of stoves at Marula Ceremony; Modified Welcome Dover stove excels in efficiency testing; four Lion stoves constructed at soup kitchen centres; ProBEC M&E officer elected to board of REASWA

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ProBEC Staff

Goodbye Dexter, you will be missed

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ProBEC Lesotho

Awareness raising and stove demos conducted for NGOs and University

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ProBEC Malawi

Partners and micro-finance secure a future for clay stoves; great results from CCT done on Aprovecho/StoveTec

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ProBEC Zambia

New clay and fixed mud stoves initiative gathers momentum; Private Sector Funding options investigated; Pulumusa and clay stove CCT tests yield positive results

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ProBEC Tanzania

MoU signed with European Union-Energy Initiative Partnership Dialogue Facility (EU-EIPDF) to develop BEST, ProBEC trains vocational students; Stove testing confirms efficiency of ProBEC promoted stoves

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ProBEC Monitoring and Evaluation

Point-of-sale record keeping formalised

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