A message from Iwan Baskoro at www.geres.eu

"Sales of the New Lao Stove (NLS) in Cambodia from the 10 May 2003 until 28 February 2010 reached 984,817 units. On Thursday 18 March 2010, we managed to sell the 1,000,000th improved cook stove."

"It is an achievement of GERES Cambodia, but let’s consider it as the achievement of ALL STOVERS in the world. Proof that disseminating large numbers of improved cook stoves is not a dream anymore, but can be a reality."

"Let us celebrate it ..!"

"Then I would invite all stovers in the world to work harder, think bigger and set longer term visions. There are 2 billion people around us are waiting to use ICS for their daily cooking. They have the rights to use the ICS and we are obliged to fulfill their rights."

The stove is manufactured at 16 different production centers in 10 provinces of Cambodia. The NLS is particularly suited to burning charcoal, often the preferred fuel in urban areas. This innovative stove provides one example of an appropriate technology developed for the Cambodian market which has met all the broad development aims of the original project. The NLS effectively provides:
  • Increased employment in the small industry sector
  • An eco-friendly alternative household and SME device for cooking
  • A cookstove which demands less time for fuelwood collection

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