Good News!!

The SunCook Blue box Cooker that cooks meals in almost the same time as conventional ovens is back in South Africa, we are expecting the first shipment to arrive in mid April and are already selling units like hot cakes, to reserve a SunCook please send us a mail, we are asking for a 50% deposit (R 1500 excluding Transport) and will get your beautiful SunCook oven on its way to you as soon as they arrive.

With proper care your oven should last a lifetime and continue cooking/baking delicious roasts and stews with no mess or fuss everyday the African Sun shines pours down upon you.

More Great News..!!

SunFire Solutions is running a special on our SunFire Series Parabolic Cookers the SunFire14's (1.4 Meter Dish) and SunFire10's (1 Meter Dish) SunFire recently began importing a new model of Solar Cooker, the SunFire14(B) which we believe will radically revolutionse cooking in Africa all over again...!!

We have been very happy with the SunFire series and will continue producing them on request as they have certainly served us delicious food for many years and remain one of the top Solar Cooker designs worldwide.

However we are looking to clear existing stock and are now offering SunFire10's at R1200 and SunFire14's at R1500 postage is R100 and R150 respectively anywhere within South Africa, this is a one time offer and is only valid while stocks last. In case you were wondering the primary differences include:
  • Old Style SunFire14
  • New Style SF14
  • SunFire10

Even More Great News....!!

SunFire Solutions recently begun stocking a great range of lighting products - The FireFlies.
FireFly Lighting systems are versatile, easy to use, portable and provide good quality reading light for power outages camping or just plain money saving, we have tried to keep costs to a minim to bring greater value to our clients.

The FireFly series includes the FireFly 5 which is a great reading lamp, the FireFly 12 including a reading lamp and cell phone charger (comes with the 4 most common connectors) while the FireFly 50 has 4 powerful lights and light up a small home or Caravan. In short there is a FireFly model to suit everyone's needs.

Please check for more details.

Other Items of News

SunFire is part of a world wide network of Solar Cooker advocates and practitioners and urges anyone interested in learning more about Solar
Cooking to visit our very own wikipedia managed by a very competent man - Tom Sponheim - who initiated the MSN home page when the world wide web was still finding its feet..!!

SunFire is the regional co-ordinator for Africa and as one our initiatives to support the awareness and role out of these valuable technologies across our beautiful sun drenched and unnecessarily deforested Continent we have started an NGO to reach communities SunFire cannot on its own.

The website is not much to look at and we are looking for web developers, fund raisers, Communities in need of subsidised Cookers, NGO's that would like coverage etc etc (you name it) to start making Solar Cookers For Africa come to life.

There is already a loose network of underfunded projects, companies etc working with Solar Cookers throughout Africa and its our intention to have an interactive map on the home page whereby visitors can click on a Country - view projects in that Country to see what they are trying to achieve and support their current needs if they so wish.

Solar Cookers for Africa plays a vital link in the absence of a single African Country supporting the role out of these low cost high impact technologies, without support we will not be able to reach as many people as we would like to timeously. Both China and India have well developed Solar Cooker industries supported by Government institutions since the 1950's...!!!!

We will begin adding info about projects across Africa over the next couple of months, so please book mark the site.

If ANYONE has ANY input to share please mail me on - crosby at

Mandas Prize

SunFire has the privilege to take part in and drive an amazing project in Mfuwe Zambia that started in 2007, the project came about when Manda Chisanga a guide at the South Luangwe National park won a prize thanks to the UK based Wanderlust magazine for being the top guide worldwide in 2008. Manda has seen first hand the devastation of deforestation and the resulting deaths from Wild animal encounters that the wood collectors (mostly women and children) face each month - approx 20 a year.

Tina Stallard ( a former producer for the BBC made a comprehensive documentary about the project (can be viewed on that was aired on Aljazeras Witness series 2 years ago and the BBC last year.

For the full story please watch this 40 Minute documentary - apologies to all African readers for our feeble broad band connections - Tina also has stills on her website that are easier to view and we are happy to send articles written about the project in various publications if you cannot view the documentary but would like to know more.

This project sets the standard for how Community and Conservation can harmonise through decentralised Renewable Energy technologies with solar
being the most obvious energy choice for inland Africa. Watch this space as we hope to help more Communities, Conservationists and
Biodiversity rich areas currently under threat by expanding this model in the near future.

Carbon Reductions

Solar Cookers are also eligible as a Carbon reduction - anything Cooked on Solar Cookers saves fossil fuel emissions (and tastes better:) and can therefore get a "subsidy" through the Carbon markets (in a nutshell). SunFire is involved in an entrepreneurial program whereby Cooker prices are reduced and made available to Communities at vastly reduced prices through a community based entrepreneur. There are many Pros and Cons to offsetting and it does deserve serious scrutiny as a mechanism for halting global warming however projects like this can and do make a serious impact on climate change, its causes and can directly uplifts the lives of those it touches.

SunFire is one of the first companies to be involved in creating local Carbon offset projects in South Africa and are looking to expand opportunities throughout Southern Africa.

We are interested in hearing from anyone interested in offsetting or putting offset projects together, visitors to the worldcup will unfortunately leave their mark on our Skies, we can find creative mechanisms to make a positive difference to the lives of all those who will never fly.

Please visit our project partners websites to find out more about projects currently underway in South Africa and or drop me a mail on crosby at for more info, all inquiries welcome.

(For example we offset a Conference for Pick n Pay last year putting 20 Cookers into Schools with feeding programs in Soweto)

Last but not least

As you can tell SunFire has remained focused on Solar Cooking and accessories such as Fuel efficient stoves, SunBags for the last 5 years, along the way we have developed well established contacts with local and international Renewable energy companies.

SunFire intends expanding its wings in the near future and invites any and all readers to contact us regarding any renewable energy installations or needs - we can assist with personal solar systems like putting a Geyser onto your roof right up to taking your Hotel, Game farm, Hospital, Factory or Mine completely off grid through our fantastic system of collaboration within the industry.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with inquiries on these or any other issue, if its good for the planet SunFire would like to help you