Microfinance to promote renewable - Reducing fossil fuel dependence in the Pacific Islands

The Pacific Renewable Energy and Microfinance (PREM) Project is looking for a small victory – to wean Pacific Islanders off kerosene. Although many poor people are not well placed to invest in new technology, a solution in many of these areas is being provided by microfinance institutions (MFIs) that are keen to take on lending for energy services.

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Tonga Energy Roadmap website goes live

The Government of Tonga has set up a website for the Tonga Energy Roadmap, to which REEEP is a partner. The website contains information relating to the background of the roadmap, the technical studies that have been produced as part of the roadmap and the detail of the process as Tonga moves to a final approved plan for Tonga’s future energy needs and how they will be met.

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Pacific renewable energy kerosene replacement project

This successful REEEP project has come to an end. The project, implemented by Barefoot Power, aimed to reduce the key financial and technical barriers to the uptake of small renewable energy systems by rural villages in the Pacific with a goal to develop a strategy to transfer existing kerosene expenditure towards new investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. The project raised awareness of the market size for small-scale renewable energy projects in the Pacific, the different technological alternatives to kerosene and the positive returns possible when investing in these projects.

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REEEP releases new report: Renewable Revolution: Low-Carbon Energy by 2030

An enormous amount of energy is wasted when converting fossil fuels to energy services such as light, heat, and mobility. Due to the inherent efficiency of most renewable energy technologies relative to fossil fuels, renewable energy does not need to replace fossil fuels on a one to one basis. The energy losses associated with fossil fuels can be side-stepped through the use of renewable energy, providing the same level of energy services with far less primary energy. In turn, improvements in energy efficiency make it easier, cheaper, and faster for renewables to achieve a large share of total energy production, while also rapidly reducing greenhouse gases and other emissions associated with energy use.

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Profiles of 49 REEEP projects funded through the REEEP 7th Funding Round are available online

REEEP continually strives to work with its key stakeholders and create a balanced portfolio of projects across regions, themes and technologies. Since its establishment, REEEP has contributed towards the delivery of 130 projects. The new REEEP Project profile booklet for 2009-2010 features 49 projects funded through the REEEP 7th Funding Round. "The breadth and range of the projects being funded is a testament to the continuing generosity of our donors, who see REEEP as a specialist vehicle for promoting low carbon energy development. We are deeply thankful to the governments of Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, the United States and the United Kingdom for their continued support and guidance" says Dr Marianne Osterkorn, Director General of REEEP. "The conditions for development are changing rapidly due to climate change. The living conditions of millions of people are threatened, and we risk failing to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. REEEP is helping to address this situation by making low-emission energy available to developing countries." says Erik Solheim, Minister of the Environment and International Development, Norway.

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Access to Sustainable Energy Services via Innovative Financing

REEEP releases 7 case studies exemplifying the possibilities of pro-poor financing mechanisms for renewable energy and energy efficiency. These case studies provide examples of how small amounts of well targeted REEEP funding can be used to transform the lives of the poor.

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REEEP outlines low-carbon regulation challenges at the World Future Energy Summit

Developing countries face a particular set of challenges in regulating low-carbon energy. In most countries, the public sector is the major energy player, and their energy reforms are generally incomplete. This is compounded by a lack of human and institutional capacity. Off-grid solutions, the best hope for the 1.46 billion people estimated to have no energy access in 2008, are hampered by the fact that regulation focuses heavily on on-grid, electricity regulation.

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REEEP attracts hundreds at COP15

In a very crowded environment of activities around COP15, nearly 200 people attended the REEEP-South South North side event on accelerating low carbon energy development. A special presentation was made by Mr Mark Fogarty, Chairman of REEEP Southeast Asia and Pacific, showcasing the successful models from the Pacific region.

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Schwarzenegger warns: government shouldn't try to pick technology winners

Against the background of the slow progress at COP15, two panel discussions organised by ClimateOne and REEEP highlighted the importance of sub-national states, provinces, cities and private business in meeting the climate change challenge. During the two discussions which were recorded for public radio in the United States, moderator Greg Dalton quizzed Governor Schwarzenegger, Huang Ming, the CEO of Himin Solar, Dr. Pachauri the Chairman of IPCC and Caio Koch-Wesser, Vice Chairman, Deutsche Bank on what they saw as the critical elements of dealing with the climate change issue.

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Dr. Osterkorn on COP15 outcome and REEEP's continuing mission

Dr. Marianne Osterkorn, REEEP’s Director General answers some pointed questions about the outcome of Copenhagen and REEEP’s continuing role in catalysing low-carbon development.

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ReEx Capital Asia recognised as Asia's Renewable Energy firm of the Year

ReEx Capital Asia was awarded the prestigious 2009 Gold Award for excellence in Renewable Energy in Asia. The Energy Business Awards, Asia 2009 recognise excellence in five key energy business disciplines – to those companies who are making a significant mark on the way energy business is conducted, trading risks mitigated, precious energy resources utilised, energy systems developed, environmental degradation curtailed, energy technology advanced, and energy production and consumption distributed more efficiently and ethically. “Despite the tougher conditions within the finance markets we are seeing continued growth and a number of exciting new opportunities” said Dr Mike Allen, Executive Chairman of ReEx Capital Asia.

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Reegle launches new Energy Statistics Map

A new feature called “energy statistics Europe” has been launched on reegle. On the clean energy search engine reegle it is now possible to overlay a world-map with several different statistics including share of renewables; renewable energy production; electricity generated from renewable sources; index of GHG emissions and targets.

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Visit REEGLE – the information gateway for renewable energy and energy efficiency

www.reegle.info is a one-stop-shop for high quality up-to-date information on clean energy policy, with a core objective of supporting the global advancement of energy efficiency and renewables. The website facilitates fast access to constantly updated information for politicians, project developers, companies, municipalities, banks, credit institutes and for all those interested in this issue.

www.reegle.info uses state of the art technology and derives its content from evaluated and preselected databases and includes an actor’s catalogue – a directory of organisations in renewable and efficiency energy.

The reegle website includes a map search function where a user can click on a country and get all sorts of information about the local energy situation, key actors and renewable energy policies.

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