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Given ongoing respiratory diseases and deaths from smoky kitchens, the atmospheric brown cloud that looms over South Asia and other parts of the world and the rate at which the world’s forests continue to vanish into charcoal pits and cooking fires, we can no longer ignore the power of the sun to perform the simple task of cooking food and heating water for hundreds of millions of people around the world. There is an urgent need for the deployment of all possible clean cooking technologies, including solar, to help the world’s poorest people cook as efficiently and cleanly as possible. Solar cooking advocates in Washington DC and in other world capitols have struggled for years with limited success to convince policy makers that small scale solar thermal devices should be promoted as part of an integrated cooking system along with fuel efficient stoves and retained heat cookers.

Part of this challenge is due to a barrage of misinformation about solar thermal devices for household use. We hope that this issue of the PCIA Bulletin will help debunk some of the most common myths, and clarify for readers the different types of solar cookers and how they are being used around the world. We also hope that promoters of fuel efficient stove and biogas technology will consider future integrated cooking partnerships with the more than 100 solar cooking and food processing NGOs that have introduced this technology to households around the world.

The goal of Bulletin 22 is to increase collaboration and exchange of information between organizations that promote improved cookstoves and those who
work with solar cooking, and the replication of successful approaches to solar cooking highlighted in this issue.
  • The History of Solar Cooking
  • Opening the World’s Eyes and Ears to
  • Integrated Solar Cooking
  • Options & Challenges Using Solar Cookers
  • Safe Water from Sunshine
  • Solar Commercialization
  • Solar Cooking Archive Wiki

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