For community solar cooking, Scheffler reflector is the most scientific and the most popular cooking device. But it is very costly as it is with automatic tracking device. Further if a steam cooking system is to be made, it requires a lot of steel structure etc. For example, if solar cooking is to be done for 500 people, 5 Scheffler reflectors of 16 sq mt are required which alone will cost US$ 15000. But 5 Scheffler reflectors with complete steam cooking system may cost roughly US$ 25000 and it will take one year to build it before you start solar cooking.

Now we have found a very cheap alternative for mass community solar cooking. We have developed community solar cooker of 3 sq mt only. It is user friendly without any complication. About 15 nos of our 3 sq mt parabolic community cookers will do the same job which will cost US$ 4500 only, which is only 18% investment for doing the same job. You will save 82% investment. Moreover, you can get 15 small community cookers from us within one week and you have not to wait for one year. With our community solar cookers, you do not have to stay in the sun. You just have to put the pot out and after one hour you have to take it back. So a person has to go in the open sunshine for just one minute only. Cooking management with 15 small community cookers can be handled by 1 person. So, community solar cooking with multiple small community cookers is very simple, cheap, user-friendly and enjoyable.

Please look at the following benefits of small community solar cooker which will save a lot of complications.

Main benefits of the small community cooker are as under:-
  • It does not require foundations in the ground. It is mounted on 4 castor wheels and can be revolved and shifted in any direction at any moment even while cooking.
  • It is not necessary to find out north south direction in small community cooker.
  • It does not require to install on polar axis. So no latitude of the location is necessary to know.
  • It does not require any seasonal adjustment.
  • It is dispatched in a small box of 45' x12" x 9"and it can be assembled at site very quickly without any expert guidance. So installation staff is not necessary.
  • It can be quickly adjusted against focus by any layman without any training.

Our other activities: manufacturing and exporting tiny oil mills (so far in 80 countries), tiny jaggery plants, tiny sugarcane crushers, tiny maize mills, tiny potato wafer plants, solar cookers, steam engines, tiny biomass steam power plants, domestic biogas plants, small wind turbines etc. All these items can play very much vital role to uplift our common masses. Our domestic parabolic solar cooker is becoming popular and we got overwhelming response. We exported 400 solar cookers to Israel, 50 cookers to Australia, 100 cookers to Senegal and other 17 countries.


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