Issue 5, January 2010

Twende is a non governmental, not for profit organization, based in Tanzania, dedicated to alleviating poverty through appropriate technology, the encouragement of Tanzanians as entrepreneurs and the development of the innovative skills of young African engineers.

Twende’s Vision is to address the needs of less affluent people by identifying local needs and providing technological solutions by:
  • Building prototypes
  • Testing and refining them
  • Field assessment
  • Arranging manufacture

Assist entrepreneurs by:
  • Displaying a range of available devices, both existing and those developed by Twende
  • Providing business training
  • Giving advice on suitable micro-finance organisations

Topics covered in Issue 5 of the newsletter include:

Solar Drying

Solar drying of fruit and vegetables is frequently chosen by women’s groups as a viable small business activity.

At its simplest, the drying process could just be to lay the produce on a cloth on the ground in the heat of the sun. At the next level, the produce sit in trays on racking, perhaps enclosed at the sides but with no engineered system to encourage a draught of drying air to pass vertically through the stack.

Wind powered stirrer

The last newsletter gave the full story of the wind stirrer for the liquid fertiliser maker. "We were well aware that the stirrer we made was a feasibility prototype, so aspects of its manufacture were kept deliberately simple in construction."

LED Lighting

"We were very quick to see the advantages of the high brightness, low power light-emitting diode lighting units for domestic use."

Jim Elsworth muses on Dissemination.

So you have a great idea to make things easier for the poor in Africa. How do you get that idea across? How do you get people to change the practices of generations? Dissemination - that is the big problem.

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