• Fluent spoken and written English
  • Must have resided for a least the last 2 years in a Developing Country (as defined by the WTO) in the Indian Sub-continent or Sub Saharan Africa.
  • Must demonstrate a strong academic connection with at least a first degree in an engineering or a numeric discipline with proven practical skills.
  • Either have or be able to obtain, before July 2010, a permit to work in the UK.
  • Have evidence of having an income to support your non Score expenses during the secondment and that you can support yourself after the secondment or as required by UK immigration. (Note: flights to and from your country for yourself and flights necessary for your researches are included. You may bring a companion as long as you can demonstrate that no extra cost is incurred to the Score project in doing this. Other travel costs associated with the research are included, but not costs associated with sightseeing. You may claim for £10 per day for miscellaneous subsistence costs with no receipt, see rules for details)
  • Be able to start as soon as possible after the 1 April 2010 and before July 2010


  • People with contractual or employment relations with the Score Team
  • People with no means of supporting themselves after the secondment.

Work required

1. In conjunction with existing researchers, to work at either City University London or The University of Nottingham to design an efficient wood burning stove that can develop at least 800C in a metal radiant heat exchanger plate.
2. To manufacture parts of the design to bring it to fruition.
3. To procure parts for the design where appropriate
4. To direct where appropriate technicians to build parts.
5. To produce at least one academic paper in a peer reviewed journal describing the work.
6. To document the design so that it could be built by appropriately trained manufacturers in a developing country.

Note that applicants name will be held in the Score Community database and may be sent updates on the Score project. All information will be held confidential to the Score Community.


Applications must be emailed to: info at Score.uk.com no later than 12:00 midnight GMT on the 31 March 2010, in electronic form and in a single file.

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More information on Score is available at www.score.uk.com