During 2010 we aim to publish Boiling Point quarterly and we are inviting readers to submit articles, papers and news on a rolling basis at any time. So if you feel that you have something to contribute to the wider household energy community, then please read the information below and send us your experiences - HEDON would love to hear from you!

Boiling Point looks for articles which are written in English, Spanish, French or Chinese, preferably using clear and plain language, and which can be used by other people in their own work. Do not be deterred, however, if you are not used to writing - it is the information that is important - we will review articles, edit them and return them for your approval prior to being published.

Theme articles

Each edition of the journal typically contains 4 to 5 full length theme articles which can include research papers, programme reports etc that are relevant to the theme topic. Boiling Point 58 will focus on the marketing of household energy technologies and practices. The issue will include social marketing (eg. marketing aimed at a social good such as health and indoor air pollution) as well as marketing in more commercial settings. To be effective even non-profit-making organisations need to think carefully about how their products or practices are being marketed and analysis of target markets, product-market grids, ‘customer’ perceptions, and positioning. This issue will be looking at experiences with marketing and how our efforts can be made more effective.

General articles

We welcome submission of general/short articles at any time, which can cover any topic. Examples include project/programme updates, technical papers, book/report reviews, conference and workshop reports. Please note: Technology based articles should be focussed on the real life application of proven technologies. Each edition of the journal also contains a Toolkit and regular features such as a Case Study or Viewpoints (opinion pieces and interviews) and if you are interested in contributing to one of these then please contact us on the address below.

Guidelines and Submission Dates

The deadline for article submission for Boiling Point 58 is Monday 1 March 2010. We welcome other articles at any time, on a rolling basis.

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