16-18 February 2010


Barbados Hilton Hotel
Needham's Point
St. Michael

RETScreen is a clean energy analysis spreadsheet software that was developed by Natural Resources Canada, a Federal agency of the Government of Canada. It may be downloaded free of cost at: www.retscreen.net. It is widely used having been downloaded by more than 215,000 users in 222 countries and territories, and is available in 35 languages.

The value of RETscreen to users is that it provides a platform for building technical models within Excel, communication with technical specialist, policy makers, economists and financiers, and provides for continuous learning. It also shortens the lead time to perform pre-feasibility analyses and reduce external consulting costs.

This workshop will provide a hands-on introduction to the analytical methods employed by the most recent RETScreen Version 4, together with its resource and product databases, and its new Clean Energy Legal Toolkit. Analysis methods include energy systems, financial, economic, risk and sensitivity, and greenhouse gas analysis.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to build project analysis models for photovoltaics, wind, biogas, and combined heat and power projects.

While the workshop will focus on imparting hands-on skills on the use of RETScreen, participants will also gain insights that will enable their self-learning about the algorithms and engineering behind the models.

This workshop is suitable for those involved in programme design, market planning, due diligence, investments, feasibility analysis, project finance, economics, infrastructure finance, business development, project development, private equity, banking, and financial analysis etc


The registration fee for this workshop is US $1,795 (includes lunch), and seating is limited to thirty (30) persons. Payment is due by wire transfer or bank draft on or before 28 January 2010. Registration details and updates can be found here

This event builds on earlier workshops conducted by Dr Roland Clarke in Hanoi - Vietnam, Beijing China, Manila - the Philippines and Jakarta - Indonesia as a Consultant to the World Bank during November 2009. Click here for details.