The dissemination of domestic biogas plants around the world is sharply rising, both in terms of numbers as well as geographic coverage. More than 35 million biogas units have been installed by the end of 2008, most of them in China and India, providing about 175 million people access to multiple benefits of biogas products. Equally important is that more and more countries are embarking on market-based national programmes on domestic biogas and have started to develop a biogas sector, not only in Asia but also in Africa. To efficiently and effectively utilise both public and private resources to further improve and scale up practices, and to prevent unnecessary failures, it is paramount to broker knowledge and experiences between the various parties involved. In this respect, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation and Asian Development Bank (ADB) organized the International Workshop on Domestic Biogas in Kathmandu, Nepal during the period November 10-12, 2009. One hundred and fifty representatives of private and civil society organisations, government institutions, knowledge centres, development agencies and international donors from 25 countries in Asia, Africa, North & Central America and Europe participated in the workshop.

The objective of the International Workshop was to intensively exchange knowledge and experience between practitioners, experts and policy makers on the dissemination of domestic biogas plants. The core theme of the workshop was ‘How to improve and scale up practices?’

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