Duration of workshop

Workshops starts on 27th Jan. 2010, 10.00 a.m. and will conclude at 4.00p.m. on 29th Jan. 2010


S.S.V.P.S. BSD College of Engineering Dhule 424005, India


S.S.V.P.S. BSD College of Engineering Dhule and PRINCE (Promoters & Researchers in Non Conventional Energy), Suman Foundation, Shamgiri, Agra Road, Opposite Swagat Lodge, Deopur, Dhule 424005, India. M/s Essential Equipments, Dhule, have consented to make their factory premises available for demonstration and manufacturing.

In association with Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Govt of India

PRINCE (Promoters & Researchers in Non Conventional Energy) is a voluntary group working under NGO Suman Foundation. Details of the organisation can be viewed on our website www.princeindia.org

Developing new entrepreneurs in renewable energy is one of the major activities of the organisation. Parabolic cookers have enormous business potential. In February - March 2007, one of PRINCE trainee completed an order for 300 community parabolic solar cookers for tribal ministry in Maharashtra costing Rs. 86 lakhs. This was world's biggest solar community dish cooking installation completed in just 45 days. Our experience in Dhule shows that in this town there are more than 300 installations of domestic parabolic cookers without any major advertisements or campaigns. We expect business potential of more than 1000 domestic cookers a year in almost every district. Business potential for community cookers can reach any magnitude as we have thousands of schools and aanganwadis where mid day meals are served. This indicates enormous potential these parabolic cookers, can have in India.

Scope of workshop

More stress on practical/workshop training will be given and there will be minimal classroom teaching and lecturing. Organisers will like to ensure that all participants will be in a position to manufacture the parabolic cookers after they go back to their place of business. Scope of workshop will include:

  1. All manufacturing details of `Parabolic Cookers SK-14 and SK-23.'. Participants will be involved in manufacturing at least one parabolic cooker from scratch. A manual with all drawings, photographs and instructions will also be given to the participants. Information regarding operation, maintenance will also be practiced and will also be specified in the manual. A CD containing all course material, photographs, videos will be part of workshop package. Participants are expected to conduct all recommended tests on at least one cooker. Training will also be imparted to manufacture new design of square/rectangular dish cooker developed by PRINCE. There are huge business possibilities in DIY (Do It Yourself) kits of PRINCE-15 domestic cooker and PRINCE-40 community cooker.
  2. Details about policies of central and state governments, test procedures, test centers, registration with MNRE, subsidies etc. for these cookers.
  3. A presentation and lectures on "Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy" and Practical approach to other renewable energy technologies.
  4. Introduction and basics of solar thermal technologies including community solar cookers of different designs, Scheffler concentrators, water heating systems, air heating systems, solar vegetable dryers etc.
  5. Demonstration of domestic urban biogas plants.
  6. Introduction and demonstration to wood stoves and cooking gasifiers.
  7. Organisers will not charge any royalty or technology transfer charges for `Parabolic cooker SK-14, and `Solar vegetable-fruit dryers'. For other indigenously developed products organizers reserve right to charge royalties.
  8. Site visits.
  9. All participants will be introduced to practical aspects and technologies in renewable energy to attain fuel independence at domestic, colony, village and town level.
  10. Certificates will be issued to all participants.


Fees for the workshop is Rs. 2000/- per participant. This fee includes cost of all course material, tea, breakfast and lunches for all 3 days. It also includes local travel to factory of solar cookers, and demonstration sites. This Subsidised fee is charged because of financial support from MNRE for 30 participants. Organisers will arrange for stay of participants on request. Cost of stay will be approx. Rs. 500/- per participant per night stay. Accommodation will be on twin sharing basis.
Sample parabolic cookers, jigs for manufacturing new cookers & raw material for new manufacturers can be made available at additional cost.


Interested members may contact organizers through email/phone and communicate their willingness with brief introduction about themselves and their organisation. Organisers will communicate you regarding your selection for the program and payment details.

Prof. Ajay Chandak.
solarworkshop2010C gmail.com
Cell no. 00919823033344

Further information

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For further details contact:
Prof. Ajay Chandak.
SSVPS BSD College of Engineering, DHULE: 424005
Residence Address:
PRINCE (Promoters & Researchers In Non Conventional Energy), Suman Foundation, Shamgiri, Agra Road, Deopur, DHULE: 424005, INDIA
Cell: +91-9823033344, PH/FAX: 02562-271795, 271995
Email: solarworkshop2010(a-gmail.com , chandak( princeindia.org
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