• Box cookers are slow but reliable and can be unattended.
  • Parabolic cookers are fast, dangerous and must be attended.
  • Safer than a parabolic, faster than a box and capable of unattended cooking.

The idea is to design reflectors so that you can have a cooker with intermediate characteristics.

I use a simple jig with cheap laser pointers to simulate the sun. I aim for a 30 degree acceptance angle in my design. (2 hours of solar cooking). The shape that happens is something like a scallop with a tube or cone on its end.

I put 2 videos on youtube to further explain what I am trying to do. They are:

It helps to watch the first one before seeing the second one. but if you are short on time, just watch the first 5 minutes of the second video.


I am almost at the point of making my first accurate design with it.
Easy cheap apparatus so far. Couple of laser pointers, some wood, some strips of mylar, some screws.
Anyone want to try?