Next session

18 January - 12 March 2010

Application deadline

4 January 2010

The E4SD initiative is collaboratively run by the IIIEE, UNDP, UNEP, and the Global Network on Energy for Sustainable Development (GNESD) and its central aim is to provide deeper knowledge of energy's relationship to sustainable development in the developing world.

Energy for Sustainable Development Online Course is intended to provide deeper knowledge of energy’s relationship to sustainable development and how delivery of clean, affordable energy services, wise management of energy resources, and the leveraging of technological and institutional energy related opportunities can serve as instruments to reach that goal. Participants will learn of sustainable energy options, available modes of implementation, local resources required, and the policy and institutional conditions required to operationalise such options.

The E4SD Online Course is delivered entirely through distance online education. The course provides in-depth knowledge of energy options within the context of sustainable development. The course is designed to be intensive and requires an average of 80 hours of efforts, spread over 8 weeks.

The next course session is scheduled from 18 January - 12 March 2010, and the application deadline for this session is 4 January 2010. More information about the course including details on how to apply can be accessed at

Please note that the E4SD Online Course will be offered at no charge to accepted participants.

Contact information
International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics
(IIIEE) at Lund University, Sweden
Lars Strupeit and Katsia Paulavets:
info at
+46 46 222 02 - 19 /55
E4SD flyer with more information about the course here