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Lighting Africa Phase 4 Report: A must-read for deeper insight into consumer needs

Lighting Africa has recently published one of the most comprehensive studies on consumer needs in the off-grid lighting marketplace today. It is a one-stop presentation intended to provide manufacturers, distributors, donor agencies, and potential investors with consumers’ feedback regarding pricing, design preferences, performance, and cultural perceptions of off-grid lighting products. The study presents respondent reactions to products both before and after trial usage periods in five countries: Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia. The study also explores end-user responses to various power charging sources including grid-connected, solar power, and manual cranking options, and presents opinions on alternative payment schemes to cash purchase, such as payment over time.

Read report. here

Lighting Africa about to finalize a testing tool for Africa: Have your say!

Lighting Africa is calling for inputs from the private sector to finalize a standard testing methodology for evaluating the performance of off-grid lighting products sold in African markets. The methodology is a tool that will help distributors (bulk-purchasing agents and importers) government regulators and NGOs to quickly identify good-quality products or verify compliance with minimum performance levels. Product testing is the foundation of Lighting Africa’s product awards competition and its upcoming product reviews. A draft of the methodology is now available for review by off-grid lighting industry stakeholders. Download the document here and send your comments.

Funding your business development - Call for proposals: Lighting rural Tanzania

The Tanzanian Rural Energy Agency, in cooperation with the World Bank and Lighting Africa, has launched a competition for the design and delivery of innovative, low cost and high quality non-fossil lighting products targeting low income consumers in rural Tanzania. Apply for grants of up to US$100,000. Concepts notes due by December 31, 2009. For more information, visit www.rea.go.tz.

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