Originally designed for the rural wood-using market, the stoves also offer a sustainable, simple, cost-effective and clean cooking solution for campers and outdoor-enthusiasts. Using only 3 small pieces of wood, this stove will have a 1,5kg pot of "pap" ready in less than 20 minutes. StoveTec provides one of the simplest and least expensive ways to fight global climate change and improve the health of more than 3 billion people worldwide - a fact that was acknowledged at the 2009 Ashden Awards for Green Innovation.

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About Restio Energy

Restio Energy is a leading energy for development consultancy, based in Somerset West, South Africa. The company was founded in 2001 and has since led and participated in a number of high profile consultancy projects, both in South Africa and in other African countries. Our focus has been on rural energy issues, where our project implementation, socio-economic and policy skills help contribute to the complex web of rural energy project development and implementation, energy research and "green" innovation.

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Further Information

More information on the stoves is available at: www.restio.co.za
Alternatively email: stoves at restio.co.za or call: 076 776 5262 for any queries.