ProBEC Botswana

ProBEC launches activities in Botswana with an energy franchise model

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ProBEC Monitoring and Evaluation

M&E impact assessment surveys near completion and carbon monitoring plans take shape

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ProBEC Zambia News

ProBEC trains builders of bakery ovens in Kabwe

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ProBEC Malawi News

Minister buys 70 stoves, staff participate in scoping exercise for CDM and HIV mainstreaming activities continue

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ProBEC Biofuel News

Preliminary findings of "State-of-play" study on biofuels to be presented in Pretoria, South Africa

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ProBEC Mozambique News

ProBEC Mozambique pilots jatropha production for biofuels and the UK Traditional Cornmillers Guild assists with rocket bakery ovens

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ProBEC Lesotho News

Film on Lesotho carbon project nominated for award

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ProBEC Swaziland

Institutional lion stoves built for Rotary Club, Stove builders association receives business training, Women development technicians trained in the CCT, Community Consultations on Biofuels completed

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ProBEC's Mission: "ProBEC promotes improved energy solutions through market development and policy support"

ProBEC's Vision for SADC: "Low-income household groups in SADC have improved access to sustainable and affordable energy"

ProBEC's corporate vision: "Regional and national structures sustainably manage ProBEC’s lead in basic energy solutions"