Entry is free, and up to six winners will receive £20,000 each in prize money for programme development, with one overall Energy Champion awarded £40,000. The Awards will be presented at a VIP ceremony in London in July 2010.

We are interested in initiatives that have radically improved the lives of individuals and local communities and can demonstrate significant environmental benefits through the use of renewable energy and/or energy saving measures.

We reward existing achievements. Award-winning schemes must have been consistently successful for at least one year with plans for further expansion. Schemes must also be highly replicable to ensure maximum impact in the battle against climate change.

Benefits of winning an Ashden Award include:
  • Prize money of up to £40,000
  • High profile world-wide publicity
  • Enhanced global recognition of Award winning programmes.
  • Tailored support to take the programme further.
  • A broadcast quality documentary film on the award-winning work
  • Opportunities to present your sustainable energy solutions to experts and policy makers both in the UK and internationally
  • A forum for exchanging ideas and solutions with those working in the field of sustainable energy across the globe

Past winners have used a variety of technologies that both benefit local communities and achieve carbon savings such as fuel - efficient stoves, micro-hydro plants, biogas plants, solar energy systems and water pumps. Through this many are boosting local peoples¹ income, providing employment or training, and improving women¹s status in their community. Details of the 2009 International winners, including short films about their work, are online at

HRH Prince Charles, who presented the prizes in 2009, commented: The major value of these awards is that they demonstrate what is possible, not only for small-scale projects, but what is achievable for the whole world. So much of what we need to build cleaner and more efficient communities is already with us.

Further information

For further information and for a downloadable application form visit or contact:
Jane Howarth
tel. + 44 20 7410 7023
email: info at

Notes to editors

1) The Ashden Awards are a UK-based charity (Reg. No. 1104153) working to increase the use of local sustainable energy worldwide. They find, reward and publicise the work of leading sustainable energy programmes working across the developing world and in the UK. The Ashden Awards have an expert panel of judges including academics, practitioners, journalists and development NGO representatives, all working in the field of sustainable energy. Supporters of the Awards include: Ashden Awards Patron HRH The Prince of Wales, Prof. Wangari Maathai, former US Vice-President Al Gore, Professor Muhammud Yunus and Jonathan Porritt CBE.

2) What does it take to be a winner?

Award-winning programmes must:
  • Be up and running, delivering sustainable energy at a local level for at least one year.
  • Have made a genuine difference to local peoples¹ lives, both socially and economically.
  • Have benefitted the environment.
  • Be technically rigorous.
  • Have an element of innovation.
  • Be replicable and help encourage the widespread uptake of local, sustainable energy.

Awards are given for the benefits provided by the use of sustainable energy, rather than for the technology used. Award-winning work will provide benefits in one or more of the following areas: food security; health, education and welfare; light and power for homes and businesses; enterprise.